Science to Go

Creative Direction | David Ewald
Art Direction | Justin Spohn
Design + Motion | Trent Edwards
Development | Spencer Williams & Scott Bates
Project Management | Karen Orlowski
Cover Photo | David Ewald

Oregon Museum of Science and Industry
Arizona Science Center


A product designed by Uncorked Studios for the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry and the Arizona Science Center, Science to Go is an interactive kiosk engineered for museum patrons to digest highly curated editorial articles from featured topics pertaining to science and technology.

While guests wander about the museum lobby, they are invited to scroll through the frequently updated collection of articles and are encouraged to select ones they may enjoy saving to read later via the comfort and convenience of their own device by sending off a reading list of their choosing to a personal email address.

My own involvement with the project included all aspects of visual design from layout, typography, icon illustration, and motion design. I worked closely with members from the creative team, development team, and clients, spending a great deal of time testing and iterating to end up with a final product that all were excited about. The system was designed specifically with adaptability in mind for future partnerships with other museums, being ready to taylor the platform to varying applications of branding guidelines.