Creative Direction | David Ewald
Design Lead + UX | Melissa Chan
Design Support + Illustration | Trent Edwards
Project Management | Mary Milstead

Zepp Labs


Track everything in your golf, baseball, or tennis game with the Zepp smart sensor.

Zepp approached us at Uncorked Studios to overhaul their mobile app to accompany an upcoming release of their latest and greatest wearable device for athletes. Part of the pitch was to not only revamp the image for the existing user base of golfers using their Golfesense swing tracking device, but to expand to the new markets of baseball and tennis players the new product would also be catering to. 

Initial explorations tested multiple executions of visual tone to discover what communicated best to the particular athletic demographic the product aimed toward, ultimately focusing on the client's mantra of "clear not clever" as our guiding north star.

In the role of supporting designer, my contribution revolved largely around refining the efficiency of information displayed throughout the app, further pushing the established design system forward, explorations of interesting visual alternates, and various illustrations for icons and device placement references.